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Q: Why does musicMe not install? Gives me an error about .Net!

A: You require .Net Framework 4.0 to use musicMe. You can get it from here: .NET Framework 4.0 (Web Installer)

Q: musicMe won't find my track! Why not?

A: This is a downside of the service that powers musicMe, and cannot be fixed by the software. A replacement web service would fix that, but for now, it gets most of the tracks.
Try using this search pattern: "ALBUM NAME & ARTIST NAME" (i.e "Discovery Daft Punk")

Q: How do I enable the Download Tracks button?

A: Open the Preferences window (File > Preferences) and navigate to the MP3 Downloading tab. Accept the disclaimer by clicking the button.

Q: What's with the Moral Disclaimer in the Preferences Window?

A: I'm obliged to do that, because the way things are with the Digital Economy Act I thought I should address the seriousness of the problem; that being the demise of the music industry.
(read: Making fun of silly, pointless legislation)

Q: You missed out a part about a feature, how can I get in touch to get some answers?

A: My contact information is listed under 'People > Insomnica'. Alternatively use the project's Discussion tab to talk to me.

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