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melodyMe is an application that allows music lovers to take their Music Library with them without needing to copy the music and install other software.
This application uses internet sources to try and find tracks from servers on the web, similar to how many people use Youtube to play music.


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Define Who You Are
melodyMe will now use Twitter to post your current track as a Status. Share your musical preferences with friends, and let the world know your favourite tracks!
  • melodyMe uses Twitter's OAuth Specification, in conjunction with HTTPS security to ensure your data is never in the hands of the bad guys. Safety and peace of mind.

Leave Your Mark on melodyMe
Unlike it's counterparts such as Grooveshark and Spotify, melodyMe is an open source solution that allows it's users to create custom interfaces and edit the program to their needs.
If you have no experience with programming, there is still hope for you to contribute!
  • Contact one of the programmers on the 'People' page on the toolbar above to request a cool feature you'd like to see!

Identity MP3 @ Brothersoft melodyMe @ FamousWhy

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