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How to Search for Tracks

To search for your favourite tracks, simply click your cursor into the Search box (as shown in Figure 1) and type your search term into the box.
Then press the Enter Key on your keyboard for musicMe to produce the songs that it finds.

How to play Tracks

Once you have performed a search, a double-click on a single track in the listing and musicMe will locate the file and play it.
You can control the player functions by manipulating the Player object at the bottom of the form (see Figure 2 for example)

Using the Playlist

To show the playlist, click the 'Show Playlist' button above the track listing. (Figure 3)
Adding a track to a playlist is as easy as single-clicking on a track and pressing 'Add to Playlist'.
Removing a track is just as simple. Highlight the track in the Playlist and press 'Remove from Playlist'

To save your playlist to listen to at another time, click 'Save to Playlist'.
musicMe will write your playlist to file with all the songs you currently have stored.

Get a Random Suggestion

Click the 'Randomizer' item on the Menu, and a dropdown will appear with multiple genres.
Select a genre that appeals to you, and musicMe will generate a suggestion that you may like.

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